Custom Detached 4-Plex

Detached 4-Plex

New concept in Multifamily building.

Design Drawing & Images

This new design incorpoated the  cost savings of a single site, with the desiable lifestyle of single family homes. This detached 4 plex plan is 4 homes with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and a 1 car garage on one lot, with one well and one septic system at a price of $459,000.

Contact us for more information on adittional plans and prices.

Here are our floor plans for these Buildings

docs/Master 20.pdf                         docs/Master 34.pdf      

docs/Master 31.pdf                         docs/Master 35.pdf

docs/Master 32.pdf                         docs/Master 36.pdf

docs/Master 33.pdf                         docs/Master 38.pdf

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